Chapter Thirteen

The Meagher Family

Ireland - New Zealand - Australia

Related Family Names in this chapter:

Badlam - Baker - Carpenter - Flanagan - Friedlander - Hayes - Hall
Homberg - Kay - Mills - Moore - O'Dea - Power - Saunders - Shea

JOHN1 MEAGHER or Maher is the earliest know ancestor. He was born about 1723 in Clonmel, Tipperary County, Ireland. The family were well-to- do Irish Catholic merchants. John’s son Michael Patrick Meagher inherited his father’s business and married Emily Power in 1872. This marriage brought into the family the property known as Suir View. About 1900 Michael’s son Albert Patrick Meagher migrated to Australia to join his older half-cousin William Hayes who was making a good living as a bookmaker in Melbourne. Albert married Elizabeth Josephine Kay in 1906. They moved to Sydney where they had four children.

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