Chapter Four

David6 Saunders


Alexandria, Virginia to San Rafael, California
via Cincinnati, Ohio and Washington DC

Related Family Names in this chapter:

Bradley - Brannan - Burnett - Chinn - Coates - Crukshank
Douglass - Hartshorne - Janney - Talbott - Travilla

DAVID6 SAUNDERS was born in 1789 in Alexandria, Virginia. He was the youngest of John and Mary Saunders’s six children. David would have been no more than twelve months old when his father died and he and his older brother and sister came under the guardianship of their stepfather Philip Wanton. In 1818 he married Hannah Travilla Douglass in Cincinnati, Ohio. About 1825 he moved to Washington DC where he was employed in the treasury department of the US Post Office. In 1863, while the Civil War was raging, he sailed by clipper around the horn to San Francisco with his wife and youngest son. He died in San Rafael, California aged 80.

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