Chapter Eleven

The Chinn Family

Virginia - Kentucky - Louisiana - California

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JOHN1 CHINN, the original immigrant to America, is said to have been born around 1640 in England and arrived in America in 1657. Chinn is an ancient family from England and Scotland where the orthography of the name has been changed many times from the Norman-French title ‘De Cheyne’, with ‘Chinn’ adopted as the spelling of the name in America. The family settled in Virginia and Kentucky and then moved down to Louisiana where Judge Thomas Withers Chinn (1791–1852) operated a plantation on the Mississippi. His grandson and namesake relocated to San Francisco where he married Lillie Belle Smoot, the adopted daughter of the SF District Attorney, David L. Smoot. Their daughter was Lillian Frances Chinn who married John Henry Saunders (1880–1940) in 1905.

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