Chapter Five

Dr William7 H. Saunders


Washington DC to Nicaragua

Related Family Names in this chapter:

Bradley - Douglass - Hartshorne - Tuttle - Wanton - Williams

WILLIAM7 HARTSHORNE SAUNDERS was born 28 June 1819 at Milford, Ohio. He was the eldest child of David Saunders and his wife Hannah Travilla Douglass. A graduate of the prestigious University of Pennsylvania Medical School, he died in mysterious circumstances in Nicaragua in 1857. There is some suggestion that he was involved with the notorious filibuster William Walker. He had married Hannah Bradley in Washington DC in 1851. She was the daughter of Joseph H. Bradley, a prominent attorney. The union produced a daughter Lucy. In 1859 William’s father David purchased a plot in Oak Hill Cemetery in Washington DC and had erected a handsome monument to his son’s memory. Whether William is actually interred there is unknown.

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