Chapter Three

John5 Saunders


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Alexandria, Virginia

Related Family Names in this chapter:

Chinn - Conrad - Davis - Douglass - Hartshorne - Janney
Marll - McPherson - Miller - Morris - Pancoast - Pierpont
Reeve - Sleeper - Stabler - Talbott - Townsend - Wanton

JOHN5 SAUNDERS was born in the city of Philadelphia in 1752. A devout Quaker like his father, John was the seventh of Joseph and Hannah Saunders’s eleven children and the only surviving son. He moved to Alexandria, Virginia in 1773 to join his sister and brother-in-law, Susanna and William Hartshorne. In 1783 he married Mary Pancoast. Of their six children, only three reached adulthood. Mary was the daughter of David Pancoast and his wife Sarah Marll. John died aged just 37 in 1790 of a mysterious inflammatory disease. Two years after his death his widow Mary married Philip Wanton.

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