Chapter Seven

The Douglass Family

Delaware - Virginia - California

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Clayton - Comegys - Davis - du Pont - English - Goddard
Holland - McCray - Patch - Piersol - Richardson - Sappington
Saunders - Sinclair - Stephenson - Travilla - Washington

LORD ARCHIBALD1 DOUGLASS of Edinburgh, Scotland, the first immigrant, is said to have chartered a vessel to take his family and all their possessions to the American colonies, landing in New Castle, Delaware about 1720. Included in his family were four sons who removed to the Pequea Valley in Pennsylvania where they were closely associated with St John’s Protestant Church. Subsequent generations settled in Virginia, Maryland and in Delaware where they were operated large iron furnaces. Hannah Travilla Douglass who married David Saunders in 1818 was born in what is now West Virginia and was the great, great granddaughter of Lord Archibald Douglass.

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