Chapter Nine

The Brannan Family

Maine, New York and California

Related Family Names in this chapter:

Badlam - Baldwin - Barnitz - Crane - Emery - Hall - Hayes - Giessing
Goodrich - Osborn - Pettus - Pike - Roberts - Saunders - Winans - Young

THOMAS1 BRANANN of Waterford, Ireland was twenty years old when he migrated to America in 1775 and settled in Saco, Maine. Indifferent to the American Revolution about to commence, he had little time for the English and wished the colonists good luck. Several of his children from his second marriage to Sarah Emery were drawn in to the Mormon movement, then in its infancy, including his youngest son Sam Brannan who became a famous identity in San Francisco. Most of Thomas Brannan’s descendants moved west to California. Emily Brannan, daughter of Daniel Brannan, who married James Douglass Saunders in 1867, was the granddaughter of Thomas Brannan. Emily died in San Francisco in 1902 aged 63.

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