Chapter One

The Saunders Family
in England

Staffordshire - Buckinghamshire - London - Middlesex

Related Family Names in this chapter:

Ashby - Atkins - Baldwin - Ball - Bealby - Bennett - Browne - Chadwick
Child - Cook - Lamley - Olding - Parker - Pearce - Perrott - Reed
Reeve - Russell - Sanderson - Sexton - Sibley - Talbott - Tarbuck

RICHARD1 SAUNDERS, the earliest member of the family to be found was born around 1600. He was from Checkley, Staffordshire. In 1630 he married Margaret Atkins and they had four children, including Anthony, born 1634. The Saunders family, who were Church of England Protestants, lived in England during a period of religious turmoil resulting in a number of break- away sects including the Quakers. Richard’s grandson Joseph Saunders, removed to Farnham Royal, Buckinghamshire. He was probably the first generation to join the Quaker movement founded by George Fox.

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