Chapter Eight

James7 Douglass Saunders


Washington DC to San Francisco, California

Related Family Names in this chapter:

Brannan - Douglass - Chinn - Snowdon

JAMES7 DOUGLASS SAUNDERS was born on 10 August 1829, in Washington DC. He was the youngest son of David and Hannah Travilla Saunders. He migrated to San Francisco with his parents in 1863 where the family were reunited with James’s brother John Henry who had been in San Francisco since 1850. James may have been a music teacher but there is no record of any formal tertiary education. This occupation may have resulted in meeting and marrying Emily Brannan, herself a music teacher and the niece of Sam Brannan, a colourful Californian identity. They had three sons, two of whom died as young men. James died in 1903 aged 73.

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