Chapter Ten

John8 Henry Saunders


San Fransicso, California to Sydney, Australia

Related Family Names in this chapter:

Barnitz - Borden - Brannan - Burnett - Chinn
Douglass - Osborne - Pendegast - Smoot - Snowdon

JOHN8 HENRY SAUNDERS was born in San Francisco on 4 August 1880 Like his father before him he was the youngest child in the family, having two elder brothers. He was schooled in San Francisco and trained as an attorney, but did not seem to ever practice law. Instead he embarked on a variety of entrepreneurial adventures, most of which ended in failure. In 1905 he married Lillian Frances Chinn. They were living in San Francisco during the Great Earthquake and Fire of 1906. The couple divorced in 1925 and John moved to Sydney, Australia where he remarried. In Sydney his business as a Bloodstock Insurance broker made him very wealthy. Unfortunately, like so many others, he was financially ruined by the Great Depression. Beset with debts and given to excessive drinking, he died in 1940 aged 59.

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