Chapter Twelve

Lillian9 Frances Chinn


San Francisco, California to Sydney, Australia

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LILLIAN9 FRANCES CHINN (Fran) was born 18 November 1885 in San Francisco. She was the only child of Thomas Withers Chinn (1853– 1913), and Lillie Belle Smoot (c.1866–1920). Well educated, she was an accomplished pianist, a prerequisite for all well-bred young ladies in the late nineteenth century. Her father was from a prominent Louisiana plantation family. In 1905 she married John Henry Saunders. They had one son. After their divorce in 1925 she married Harry Innis Borden, a cousin of her ex-husband. However, Harry had a history of alcoholism and they divorced in 1948. When she was 72 she migrated to Australia to see out her days with her only son. She died in 1968 in Sydney.

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